Sample Pricing

Pricing for each service will be negotiated based on the actual hours required to meet customer requirements. However, as a guideline, see the common example service packages below:

1)      Monthly specials updates:

  • Monthly specials posted for “new vehicles”s, “used vehicles” and  “service & parts” – Up to eight (8) for each category
  • Specials posted by the seventh of each month or two days after they are made available by the OEM or Dealership, whichever is later
  • $500/mo
  • Add homepage banners for new vehicle specials: $25 each


2)     Create monthly content or landing pages

  • Up to four new pages of content
  • Updating staff page can be used in lieu of one page of content any month
  • Updating any existing content page counts as half a page
  • Each page includes at least one image or embedded video and one form
  • Flat rate of $600/mo


3)     Review all live web pages for necessary updates

  • Up to 50 pages
    • Page count does not include VDPs
  • Correct or remove any broken links
  • Ensure forms generate leads effectively
  • Correct grammatical errors
  • Ensure correct model year for vehicles
  • All content custom – improves SEO rating
  • Flat one-time rate of $1,000


Taking Action to Improve Your Website