Our most common customer questions are answered below.

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Q: Is your service delivered on a “one-time” or subscription basis?

A: We will design the program you need.  You can contract for as little as one single page content re-design, or sign-up for a monthly program where we update new, used, service & parts specials for you as well as creating new pages of relevant content to add to your website.


Q: How do you structure pricing for your services?

A: Pricing is based on the number of hours projects generally take to complete on a timely basis. Factors that impact that price include:

  • Number of special offers or website pages manipulated or created
  • Time urgency (for example, specials must get posted within the first week of the month while creating a new commercial/fleet website section can take place over several days).
  • Amount of research needed to create the content. If all we need to do is design images and post content you provide us on a page, the pricing will be minimal. If we have to determine what topics or models you want/need to feature, find or build the relevant  descriptions/images/videos to make the page engaging and relevant and  pass the new content through OEM compliance, the pricing will reflect the extra time needed.


Q: Do you provide other types of content work for automotive dealerships?

A: Yes. We can create online and offline advertising assets for banner ads, Facebook placements, signage, mirror hang-tags and more.


Q: Are there other marketing services you can provide?

A: On a limited basis, we provide monthly email creation and paid search/online advertising program management services. However, because we insist on delivering these types of services in a manner that is custom tailored to your location, competitive profile, inventory profile and business objectives, these are provided only when there is sufficient bandwidth to do so.


Q: Can you provide references of past work?

A: We will happily provide written references or email and/or phone contact information with dealership management professionals who use our services or have used our services in the past.

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